Ethical Hacking on Real Machines: A Complete Hands-on Approach to Offensive Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing, Let’s Hack

What Will I Learn?

  • Do a Complete Black Box Testing
  • Unleash the Power of Best Ethical Tools

  • Hack Real Machines from Lecture 4

  • Develop Experience to do Real Life Penetration Testing
  • A Try Harder Attitude
  • Decent Internet Connection
  • Computer with Minimum 4 GB RAM ( 8 Recommended )
  • Hardware as we Proceed


Ethical Hacking Career Accelerator is a Special Bundle of Various Ethical Hacking Courses from Different Authors.
We at Proficient School Purchased Exclusive Use Licenses of these courses from authors and made this Program to provide a Quick Head Start for every kind of Security Professional.

  • If you want to do CEH, OSCP, or any similar Ethical Hacking Exam, We have Ethical Hacking in Offensive Way Course
  • If you are a Beginner or a Security Professional Looking for Strong Fundamentals, We have practical Hacking Master Class
  • If you are already a Senior Ethical Hacker then we have Nessus Professional Crash Course for you.

Note:- We are adding more and more courses to this Program every Month

You will get Lifetime Access to this On-Going Program with an Official Certificate from Proficient School for the Completion of these courses, and as there are various Authors in this course, We Have Arranged a Dedicated Support Team for you to help you in this journey.

Program Authors:

  1. Gaurav Malhotra – Ethical Hacking in Offensive Way
  2. Sagar Bansal – Practical Hacking Master Class
  3. Jitendra Kumar Singh – Practical Hacking Master Class
  4. Daniel Platt – Practical Hacking Master Class
  5. Wahid Ahmed – Nessus Professional Crash Course
  6. Ahad Ansari – Nessus Professional Crash Course

Legal Disclaimer :

  • We are not responsible for any of your acts that may cause any damage or loss to anyone in any way.
  • The Course has No Relation with Offensive Securities, ISC2, E.C.Council or any other Association or Body of Knowledge
  • We do not claim that this course can replace any official material for any certification
  • If you think that Authors have sold us something which is making a DMCA Violation, Please Reach us using Udemy Messages and we will take action within 6 hours
Who is the target audience?
  • This Course is for Students who are Complete Beginner in Ethical Hacking
  • This course is for Senior Professionals who want to practice Industry Standard Tools
  • This course is for students who want to pass Professional Exams and get good jobs in this field

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Last updated 9/2018

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