Full Stack Programming For Complete Beginners In Python


Programming for complete beginners in python, along with pyqt5, MongoDB, and software engineering basics

What you’ll learn

  • Programming Principles
  • Programming in Python
  • Implementing MongoDB with python
  • Creating graphical user interfaces
  • Implementing graphical user interfaces with python using PyQt5
  • Software Engineering principles
  • Software Engineering principles
  • Making full stack desktop applications


  • A laptop, that’s all you need. No major prerequisites


In this course, you will learn programming from a complete beginner’s perspective in python. Not only that, you will learn frontend development in python with pyqt5 and database programming with MongoDB in python. As a bonus, you will get to know the basics of software engineering.

What you will Learn

  • Programming in Python
  • Frontend/ Graphical User Interfaces with Python
  • Databases with MongoDB

Why Python?

  • Python is a multipurpose programming language that can be used for almost any task, it is used a lot in web development and machine learning and is a must-have in the modern programmer’s toolkit
  • Besides programming in python pyqt5 is also taught which is a frontend library for developing high-quality user interfaces using python. It also has a drag and drop interface which we will use to create user-friendly programs in this course.
  • MongoDB is also taught which is a very versatile NoSQL database solution.
  • Software engineering basics taught are essential to every developer, we take a little look into it so the students know about software engineering and what its major modules are.

How the Course is taught

  • High-Quality Video Lectures with Hands-on practice.
  • Code given alongside


  • Software Engineering Basics
  • Access to our discord server for asking questions and discussing problems with your fellow students

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to programming
  • Beginners to software development and software engineering
  • Beginners curious about Programming

Created by Abdul Rauf
Last updated 5/2021
English [Auto]

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