Learn Machine Learning Maths Behind


Learn and Implement Your Own Custom Machine Learning Algorithm on Top of SAP®’s HANA® In-Memory System

What Will I Learn?

  • You will Learn Machine Learning Concept which is used in Enterprise World
  • Learn Theory and Practical of Implementing Custom ML Algorithm

  • Some prior coding or scripting experience is required
  • Basic Math is good enough


Machine learning and the world of artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer science fiction. They’re here!
Get started with the new breed of software that can learn without being explicitly programmed, machine learning can access, analyze, and find patterns in Big Data in a way that is beyond human capabilities. The business advantages are huge, and the market is expected to be worth $47 billion and more by 2020.
In this course, you will implement your own custom algorithm on top of SAP®’s HANA® Database, which is an In-Memory database capable of Performing huge calculations over a large set of Data. We are going to use Native SQL to write the algorithm of Naive Bayes.  Naive Bayes is a classical ML algorithm, which is capable of providing surprising results, it is based on the probabilistic model and can outperform even complex ML algorithms.

In this course are going to start from the basics and move slowly to the implementation of the ML algorithm. We are not using any third-party libraries but will be writing the steps in the Native SQL, so our code can take advantage of HANA® DB in-memory capabilities to run faster even when Data Set grows large.

Who is the target audience?
  • Associate Software Consultant
  • Software Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Architect and Solution Architect

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