The Secret to Six Pack Abs: Get Shredded Abs in 60 min/week


The secret to 6 pack abs is in cooking less, eating more, and gaining muscle in just 60 minutes per week.

  • Flatten out your stomach and get the ripped, six-pack abs you have always wanted
  • Take inches off your waist and make your abs pop-out

  • Gain lean muscle and tone up your stomach, arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and back

  • Lose pounds of body fat without having to set foot in a gym
  • Workout for 1 hour per WEEK and lose more fat than someone who works out 10+ hours per week
  • Make delicious, 5-star quality meals in less than 15 minutes
  • Increase your fat burn and afterburn with workouts that you can do in under 20 minutes
  • Build your own workouts and workout program
  • Eat out and still lose fat
  • Workout anywhere and anytime with little to no equipment
  • Learn how to safely complete all the most effective exercises for optimal fat loss and six-pack abs.
  • Comfortable workout clothes and shoes
  • A crockpot or slow cooker
  • A good water bottle


Join OVER 6,000 students who are getting SIX PACK ABS!

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Have you been fighting to lose weight and lose belly fat your whole life?
  • Are you terrified of stepping on the scale?
  • Having trouble fitting in your favorite pair of jeans?
  • Have you been struggling for years to lose weight and get rid of body fat in those hard-to-get places? On your Abs? Back? Arms? Hips? Thighs?
  • Are you embarrassed to be seen in your bathing suit?
  • Are you clinging to cravings and unhealthy habits that are keeping you from getting the body you deserve?
  • Trying to tone your muscles, but have no idea how to do it?
  • Have you always wanted to lose weight and get flat, ripped abs, but never had them?

So how do you lose weight and get ripped without spending THOUSANDS of dollars on it… 

  • A gym membership $40-$149/month
  • Fitness classes $180-$349/month
  • Personal training: $60-$100/session. Typically at 2-4 sessions per week
  • Semi-private training: $20-$40/session. Typically at 2-4 sessions per week

See how this can all start to add up? Don’t get me wrong here, I believe that your health is absolutely worth it. Treating your body right with the proper diet and exercise program is not only a means of losing weight, getting a ripped physique, and showing off your six-pack abs.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to burn a significant amount of nagging body fat
  • Flatten out your stomach and get the ripped, six-pack abs you deserve
  • People who don’t have time to go to the gym
  • Men and women of any age looking to get photo-shoot ready for an upcoming event or vacation
  • People who aren’t sure of how to workout
  • Anyone who has a tight schedule with no time to cook or prepare food, but wants to see lasting results


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