Top 5 IT & Software Paid Udemy Courses of 2020


Every week Paid comes with 30 new Udemy courses for free, from programming to designing. With Torrent you can download almost everything that you can find online. With our IT & Software Paid Udemy Courses you could develop your knowledge to a level that you would be surprised. Why pay tons of money for online IT & Software Paid Udemy Courses when you can download them on our page for free. 

Before starting any of the courses please find attached the tutorial on how to download IT & Software Udemy courses with torrent for free.

Here are top 5 IT & Software paid Udemy courses of 2020:


  1. Build Telegram Bots With JavaScript: The Complete Guide – Paid Courses For Free

Finally we will learn how to deploy our bot using the Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. The Serverless Architecture will allow your bot to scale automatically and you do not have to worry about it crashing when there are too many users. You also do not have to worry about managing your own server and it is also free and extremely cheap to host with AWS Lambda.

All the bot scripts and codes will be available for you to download and use to maximize your learning and gain the most from the course.

At the end of the course, you will know how to do simple logging into a group chat, send different types of files, use external API, read Google Sheets, create custom keyboards with interactive menus, handle inline queries, and automatically post content from websites like Instagram and Facebook into your channel and many more.

This course also gives you a good stepping stone for you to explore deeper into building more complex bots.

If you would like to see in detail what each bot does, you can check out the sections below.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are curious to create Telegram bots
  • Anyone who want to create Telegram Bots with complex functions
  • Anyone who wants to understand and learn Telegram Bot API
  • Students who want to expand their portfolio with Telegram bots

Created by Mark Tan
Last updated 12/2019
English [Auto-generated]
Size: 2.74 GB

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     2. The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp With Dart

So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the world’s best Flutter development course.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have never programmed before, then take this course to learn Dart and build iOS and Android apps.
  • If you know how to code, but are new to mobile development, then take this course to build apps with just one codebase.
  • If you are a native app developer, then take this course to see how much time you can save building native-quality iOS and Android apps with Flutter.
  • If you’ve tried Flutter before, then take this course to get a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the important aspects of Flutter development

Created by Angela Yu

Last updated 2/2020


English [Auto-generated]

Size: 14.49 GB

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3.Data Structures And Algorithms The Complete Masterclass – Paid Courses For Free

This course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Take the course, go through the lectures, do the exercises, and if you’re not happy, ask for a refund within 30 days. All your money back, no questions asked.

See you on the inside (hurry, Data structures, and algorithm class is waiting!)

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who want to take their programming skills to the next level and learn a future-proof programming
  • The person who want to become intelligent programmer
  • Anyone who is Feeling scared about coding interview
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their problem-solving skills

Last updated 7/2019


English [Auto-generated]

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4. Learn Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) And Python With Tensorflow, Pandas & More!

Andrei promises you that there are no other courses out there as comprehensive and as well explained. He believes that in order to learn anything of value, you need to start with the foundation and develop the roots of the tree. Only from there will you be able to learn concepts and specific skills(leaves) that connect to the foundation. Learning becomes exponential when structured in this way.

Taking his experience in educational psychology and coding, Andrei’s courses will take you on an understanding of complex subjects that you never thought would be possible.

See you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with zero experience (or beginner/junior) who wants to learn Machine Learning, Data Science and Python
  • You are a programmer that wants to extend their skills into Data Science and Machine Learning to make yourself more valuable
  • Anyone who wants to learn these topics from industry experts that don’t only teach, but have actually worked in the field
  • You’re looking for one single course to teach you about Machine learning and Data Science and get you caught up to speed with the industry
  • Learn earn the fundamentals and be able to truly understand the topics instead of just watching somebody code on your screen for hours without really “getting it”
  • You want to learn to use Deep learning and Neural Networks with your projects
  • You want to add value to your own business or company you work for, by using powerful Machine Learning tools.

Created by Paid Courses For Free Team


English [Auto-generated]

Size: 19.22 GB

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5. MySQL, SQL And Stored Procedures From Beginner To Advanced

MySQL is a free, industrial-strength relational database, very widely used all over the world. In fact, the MySQL Community Server (which this course covers to an advanced level) is the world’s most popular open-source database, used by millions of websites.

Master Advanced MySQL Features, Starting from the Ground Up

In this course you’ll begin by learning the basics of creating, querying and adding data to databases using SQL with MySQL. As the course progresses, we’ll move on to advanced features, vital for getting the most out of MySQL, including transactions, indexes, isolation levels, views, triggers and stored procedures.

You’ll learn how to create powerful and efficient databases using SQL, how to read and create EER diagrams, how to understand and implement table relationships like “many to many” and “one to many”, and even how to design databases visually using the free MySQL Workbench client tool.

By the end of the course you’ll understand MySQL’s powerful features to a greater level than probably most professional software developers, and you’ll have an understanding of SQL that will help you get to grips with any relational database. You’ll be able to create and query your own databases and use transactions, stored procedures, constraints, indices, views and other features to ensure your database is efficient and secure.

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